Looking for a perfect escape? Invest in the property of your dreams.

Discover extraordinary top-rated properties in Turkey and benefit from Turkey real estate citizenship.

If you suffer from market uncertainties, have no liquidity due to rising property taxes, or your investment does not yield the desired profits?

I have a solution for tripling your income in real estate investmenst.

The shocking news is.

Turkey can be your suitable destination as it offers a 20% discount on advance payments and flexible payment options.

In a recent survey, Turkey surpassed nearly 1.5 million in real estate investments, giving its foreign investors a 10-fold better return in less than a year.

And not just this.

Turkey has ranked among the top European countries to attract high tourist visits from all over the world, which provides forefront access to more than  115+   countries.

 A Suitable escape whether you are looking to relax on a beach, get rid of the grid, or explore a new international city.

The cost of living in Turkey.

Geographically, Turkey is located in the middle of the world, which gives you world-class infrastructure and a booming economy, all the more reasons for you to make immense profits. The excellent transport links make Turkey even more attractive for you.

Endless profitable returns.

Be it an investment for your holiday vacation, a property for sale in bursa turkey, commercial property, or a villa. It is one of the wise and safe investments. You will get budgets that suit your pockets.

In comparison with Europe, the living expenses in Turkey for you have the upper hand in providing high-level welfare services at a reasonable rate.

There are several opportunities for Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani investors in Turkey, giving serious potential to other growing sectors.

Golden Passport

Along with your complete property ownership, you are eligible for turkey real estate citizenship applicable within 90 days of property purchase, giving you access to 115+ countries visa-free and high-income generating assets. 

 As one of the strongest promising economies in the European markets, Turkey is unaffected by communal politics. The following 2-3 years will experience 6 million tourist visits.

Therapeutic high-quality lifestyle amenities which might cost you a dime in European countries can be achievable at a cost-effective value in turkey.

Tax Incentives And Exemptions.

As a foreign investor, you can take advantage of incredible tax incentives from the government.

When you deliver the property on your name value, you will get tax exemptions.

The government will support your investment loans by paying a percentage of interest rate support. 

If you want to start your own business in Turkey, you can claim a tax deduction of 50-90% on business taxes.

If you are looking for flexible investment goals, few real estate companies are willing to give up interest on the instructions of the President of the Republic

The expansion of export and import trade offers you tax exemptions for machinery and equipment imported abroad.

“Grab your best investment offer before they run out of the market.”

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