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We’ve sold more than 13,700 Apartments, Commercial & Plots.


Turkiye estate's partnership with Turkey’s top verified Builder aims to provide our clients with better living and investment goals. Introducing an online presence to overseas clients in Turkey real estate investments. You will get access to various locations to buy property in Turkey and get citizenship in cities like Bursa, Istanbul, Yalova, Izmir, and  Ankara with utmost trust.

We have had contracts with 800 clients from India, Dubai and Turkey focused on understanding your objectives and presenting you with a desirable investment from a consolidated list of premium properties at your disposal, such as Commercial properties, Agricultural Land for sale in Bursa Turkey, Commercial properties i.e. cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul & Ankara,  offices, Restaurants Etc...

How we make dreams come true.

Turkey has ranked among the top 10 strongest infrastructure markets in the world to offer Property at reasonable rates

It has been an honorable 10+years of hard work for Turkiye Estates in the real estate sector Always going the extra mile for our clients to buy house in Bursa offering a customized set of services that matches your criteria by making you familiar with endless possibilities available giving you a safer and secure platform in making your dreams come to reality by being a stop solution for all your property needs.

  • Complete ownership of property for sale in Bursa
  • European living standards with Turkey real estate citizenship
  • Junction to 110+ countries without a visa
  • High revenue-generating assets.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they can buy Residential properties, Commercial properties, and  Agricultural Land in Turkey.

  1. Residence Permit – Foreign nationals who have purchased any land for sale in Bursa or other types of property have the right to get a Residence permit with their family in Turkey.
  2. High Return on Investment.
  3. Incentives from the Government.
  1. Real estate agents provide handholding support from start to end in the  complete buying process of the property.
  2. Real Estate agent will introduce you to different developer real estate which matches your criteria.
  3. They help to buy property in Turkey and get citizenship.

Yes, after obtaining the necessary financing from your bank abroad, then the full amount or monthly installments will be transferred to the company’s account in Turkey.

Yes it’s possible. Through a legal power of attorney for whoever acts on your behalf in Turkey, and the power of attorney is issued at the Turkish embassy in your place of residence

Sure you can. The owner of the property is eligible and free to rent his property at any time. During tourist seasons searches for renting apartments increase, at rates which are at the discretion of the owner.

The title deed in Turkey is called “Tapu”, and all real estate transactions for foreigners are carried out exclusively through the branch of the Land Registry Directorate of the region in which the property is.

The ownership in Turkey is lifelong ownership and not as is the case in some countries where ownership is for a period of 99 years, and foreigners have the right to inherit the property for their families and register the heirs’ file in the housing department in the city in which the property is located and the inheritance system is according to the applicable law.

  1. All documents necessary to register the transfer of ownership are prepared.
  2. After preparing the documents of property for sale in Bursa Turkey, all necessary information is sent to the title deeds office.
  3. Once the buyer pays the full amount he officially takes possession of the property.
  4. Usually, the deed transfer process takes 3 to 5 days, due to money transfers from foreign accounts.

Yes, the wife and children under 18 years of age obtain Turkish citizenship when applying within the same file as the owner of the property.